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Things That Can Be DIY For Your Wedding

Bride and Groom-to-be, feel to have some memorable moments with your other half in the process of preparing your wedding? It’s time to have both your hands on in creating something tangible for your wedding or for your lovely wedding guests, in the mean time you can save up some budget on your wedding and make use of it for your honeymoon. And, not to worry, as we are suggesting DIY items which you and your partner or any un-crafty couple can easily make out from your hands without any trained skills.

Firstly, let us get you into something that you can prepare your own for your wedding guest. Wedding favors for your guests will be the items which you can make it with all your love for your guests. You wouldn’t want your wedding favors to be wasted after the wedding, right? Therefore, make something nice and useful out of your hands for your guests instead, let them make use of what you gifted them.

DIY Scented Candles

Scented candles are currently very popular among household. People tends to enjoy home filled with nice and soothing fragrance as it helps to reduce stress from whole day work. To get to receive these cute and nice-looking scented candles as the wedding favors, your guests sure will enjoy lighting up the lovely candles to bright up their mood and their day.

candle 2

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DIY Bath Salts

Bath salts are convenient and inexpensive item to treat mental and physical health ailments. It helps to release stress and to relief aches just by mixing bath salts into warm bath water. Why miss out this nice and useful gift to prepare for your wedding guests? Blend your own recipe of bath salt with nice fragrance using inexpensive materials and fill the bath salts into cute small tubes as wedding favors. These wedding favors are filled with your love to your guests, your guests get to enjoy the treatment using them and you get to save your budget on your wedding, isn’t it a kill two birds with one stone method?

Bath Salt

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DIY Mixed Tea

Another DIY wedding favor which you can prepare for your guests and it is more or less as easy as blending DIY bath salts, is mixed tea. If you have more elderly guests or your guests tend to enjoy having tea breaks, why don’t you mix them your own recipe of floral tea or tea leaves for them to enjoy it during their usual tea breaks while chit chatting about the tea you mixed as well as remembering your wedding.


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Next, what can you do for your wedding to make it looks great in your wedding photos and also the same time creating memories and spice up the celebration mood in your wedding? To create these moments and memories, you can DIY your props for the wedding. These props will be appearing in your wedding photos during all the special moments in the wedding process and when you and your other half see your own DIY props during the wedding, you sure will feel it more and it will always be in both of your memory as both of you made it for this special occasion in your life.

Hand-Stamp Wax Seals

Hand-stamp wax seals always look elegant, luxury and also classic especially when you stamp it onto your wedding invitation cards envelopes. You can customize the wax stamp using your wedding monogram and this makes it even special and just for your wedding. Enjoy the process of heating the wax, pouring it onto your to-be-ready-sealed wedding invitations and remember this particular moment which you are sealing your wedding invitations together with your other half. It makes the wedding preparation even memorable and excited.

DIT booth wax

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DIY Wedding Guest Book

For those who usually likes to do art and crafts, don’t waste your talent to be show off on your wedding day as this is the only chance you get to be the king and the queen of your important day in your life. So, just express your excitement and delight into your art by making your wedding guest book by your own. Not only you can show off your art talent, you might even get to discover your guests’ art talent through their responses on your wedding guest book and this will definitely become a valuable and priceless wedding gift you have ever received and also an art piece worth to be framed and to hang it on the wall of your house.

GB 2

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DIY Exit Tosses

To create the festive and celebration mood for your wedding and also for your pretty wedding photos, you can make your own exit tosses for your wedding guests to use to send off both of you and your partner during the wedding ceremony. Just by using simple and nice paper doilies or any type of paper, you can make cones to fill up with fresh floral petals or floral buds for your guests to toss.

flower 1
flower 2

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There are still many more creative DIY items can be done by you together with your partner for your wedding, just believe that your hands can create something magical and special. However, even with the motive of cutting down your wedding budget by DIY your wedding items, do remember to consider on the scale of your wedding and also the number of guests who will be attending your wedding. Don’t ever mess up or stress out yourself and your partner on too many DIY works for your wedding as I am sure that you would hope to have an enjoyable and almost stress-free wedding with your other half rather than over tiring yourselves throughout your wedding preparation process.