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A professional wedding planner can do wonders in planning beautiful and memorable weddings but little do we know that he or she is my wedding planner. Wedding planners can be found from yellow pages, internet listings, wedding websites, wedding portals or recommendations from family and friends. But how to choose my wedding planner amongst them all?

For me, my criteria of choosing my wedding planner is to assess their personality or characteristics if they are compatible with mine, I must feel comfortable with him or her, before I engage his or her services as my wedding planner.

Your wedding planner should be someone who has all or most of the following characteristics, that he or she should have positive personality and attitude, perseverance, responsive to my requests, experienced, informative and resourceful, professional and good business ethics and a person who is honest and credible as well.

Other than the above characteristics, your wedding planner should be a good listener too, who understands your specific needs and be able to transform your dream wedding into life! Your wedding planner is the one who is compatible with your personality as we are going to spend many months communicating and planning your dream wedding.

Ultimately, your wedding planner must be someone you can get along with. In tensed situations, you will see him or her, in confused situations, you need someone whose advice that can help you go through all challenges.

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Wedding Planning
We are a team of passionate people that committed to meet the needs of every single couple through wedding planning and coordination. We will deliver our wedding services to you with good faith and sincerity, however big or grand, however small or intimate. Leave the planning to us and trust that we can transform your dream wedding into a reality.
Special Occasions
We can provide planning and coordination services for your special occasions ranging from birthday parties, marriage proposals, wedding anniversaries, bridal showers, baby full month party… you name it!
Event Styling
We create exquisite and bespoke decorations for all occasions, crafting timeless and unique designs specially for you. We work closely with some of the most established decorators of the country, to craft out your desired concept for your big day.


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She is meticulous, extremely patient, a perfectionist, a very good listener and a self-motivated individual. She oversees every single event personally as if it were her own, adding her personal touches to everything so it looks every bit as perfect as she knows you would want it to be.

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Principal Planner

Impeccably diligent, perceivably understanding and naturally creative, Lane has carrying her personalities to help every couple go through smooth and memorable wedding planning experiences.



Finally, we are married! Once again, before we move on with our married life, we need to express our deepest gratitude to MY wedding planner for making this dream wedding possible.
~ Andrew and Stephanie


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