Team Members

MYWP-12-2(Website Selected)

She is meticulous, extremely patient, a perfectionist, a very good listener and a self-motivated individual. She oversees every single event personally as if it were her own, adding her personal touches to everything so it looks every bit as perfect as she knows you would want it to be.

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Co Founder & Principal Planner

Impeccably diligent, perceivably understanding and naturally creative, Lane has carrying her personalities to help every couple go through smooth and effortless wedding planning experiences. Carry herself with a meticulous, quick turn-over and highly organised character and strives for the beautiful and memorable moments in every wedding. 

Chief Planner
A lovely and friendly person always excited to face challenges and overcome it. Her persistencies and willing to work extra mile, make her complete a project even when a whole bunch of unexpected barriers appear along the way. 
She strives for the beautiful atmospheres and lovely moments in every wedding, which give her much sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.