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How to Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress

In a wedding planning process, one of the major process you will need to go through is looking at wedding dresses that suitable for yourself. Finding your dream gown can be stressful on wedding dress shopping, it could be the most expensive garment many women will ever own. Not to mention, more brides are doing multiple dresses—a more formal one for the ceremony and a party-centric one for the reception—which can make the bride clueless in the beginning of shopping.

No matter your budget, personal style, or timeline, these tips are guaranteed to help you find the gown of your dreams.

Things to consider on choosing a wedding dress

1. Venue Style

Consider the venue that you are going to host your wedding, will it going to be held in indoor or outdoor? A lightweight dress is recommended for outdoor wedding so that you can walk more freely and lightly. Ball gown and long tailed gowns are more suitable for indoor wedding.

2. Wedding Theme

Before you start dress shopping, decide whether you want a casual garden-party-themed wedding or a formal, romantic affair. The color theme of wedding will be part of the consideration while you choose the dress too. With a clear vision of how you want to look on the big day, can help narrow down your dress selections.

3. Budget

Another major role will be the financial condition. You may consider to rent a gown instead of customise one. And even if to customise it, you also need to be aware on what types of materials to be used when customising it –  tulle, A-line, fit-and-flare, organza, sheath, etc

4. Be Open

Bridal consultants will tell you that they constantly see women come in with a set idea of what they want for a gown, then try it on and don’t actually love it – and instead, fall for something completely different they’d never considered. Keep an open mind while wedding dress shopping. You may find your dream dress that you didn’t know would be your dream dress.

5. Body Type

A lot of brides wonder what kind of gown they can wear because everyone has different body figure. You can always refer to the body shape guideline so that you can have some ideas on what you can search for. Even if you plan on losing weight before the big day, shop for dresses in your current size rather than going smaller. It’s much easier to take a dress in than trying to work with one that’s way too snug.


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Wedding Gown Cutting Styles

Choosing a that suits your body shape and personality is the most important step in finding the right dress. Get to know the most popular dress styles and find out which one will make you look stunning on the big day.

1. A-Line

A-Line gown is always a classic. It is slim on top, fit at the waist and spread away at the bottom. Shaped like the letter “A”, a good choice for bride as it is the most flattering fit for every body types.

2. Ball Gown

Ball gown is most welcome for a formal wedding. A ball gown will always have a full skirt and a fitted bodice. It looks elegant and had the Empire silhouette, with a high waistline and long train. That is why it is always look elegant and grand. Ball gown is suitable for hotel ballroom and big hall wedding.

3. Mermaid     

A mermaid dress is fit closely to the body through the torso and hips, and it flairs out from the knee to floor,  just like a “fishtail”. The silhouette is contoured to the body, structured to give you the perfect hourglass shape. Don’t wear it if you are uncomfortable with a tight fitting  wedding gown especially under the relentless heat.

4. Trumpet

Trumpet gown is a variation of mermaid dress. It flairs just below the hip instead of below the knee. This type of dress can perfectly hide a short waist and heavy lower body. It is suitable for outdoor wedding if your gown tail is not too long.

5. Sheath

Sheath wedding gown is suitable for bride that has an hourglass figure as it offers long, straight lines that follow the natural shape of a woman’s body. The design is to hug the hips, showing off a bride’s figure and highlight the charm of the bride.

Wedding Gown Neckline

1.  Sweetheart

A sweetheart neckline is called for resembling the curves at the top of a heart. This neckline perfectly lengthens the neck and flattered the collarbone of the bride. A sweetheart neckline gives a lot of room to work with since the shoulders are mostly bare – especially if it’s strapless.

2. V-Neck

The V neckline is very helpful for bride that has broad shoulders, and short necks because it helps in lengthen the look of the body and draw the eye up toward your face. Unlike sweetheart neckline, V-neck dresses usually have sleeves or straps to create support and added flairs.

3. Boatneck

Boatneck is also called as Sabrina neckline. It is a wide neckline that runs horizontally, almost to shoulder points, across the collarbone. It offer a lot of support and accompanied by sleeves. And why it is called as the boatneck because it was used in sailor’s clothing.

4. Plunging

Plunging neckline is a low neckline on a woman’s dress or shirt. It gives the illusion of a longer neck because it is from the neck goes all the way to the chest. The neckline beautify the feminine aspects and portraits a more womanly and chic body. If you are a more daring bride, you may pick this neckline!

5. Halter

A halter dress typically describes a backless dress that is secured at the back of the neck and the waistline. It can shows off the shoulders and offers a very modern look that from covered to sexy.

6. Off The Shoulder

This neckline is below the shoulders to compliment a bride’s collarbone and shoulders, with sleeves that cover part of the upper arm. This neckline suitable for many body types, but it is always the women with broader shoulder’s favourite because it perfectly camouflage it.

7. High Neck

High neckline is similar to halter neckline, but it comes with sleeves and also it is not the backless dress. It can helps to soften up the sophisticated look.

8. Square Neck

The square neckline is suitable for all body types. If you notice it,  the neckline actually like a stylish frame. For bride that do not wish to reveal too much of the skin, this neckline is very suitable for you.

9. Spaghetti Straps

Spaghetti strap is named after the thin pasta strings due to the size. It is a very thin shoulder strap used to support clothing. It can also compliment the collarbone to the shoulder.

10. Long Sleeve

Long sleeve gown is suitable for bride that not comfortable to reveal too much and also due to religious reason. Long sleeve is extending from shoulder to wrist. It gives the feeling of elegant too.

Now that you already know what kind of wedding gown cutting and necklines available in the market. It’s time for you to start the gown shopping, of course you should visit the bridal gown shops to find out more from the wedding gown specialist and also try on the gown yourselves. It’s crucial that you go with what you love and what feels like your dream dress, regardless of other people’s expectations. Once you have found your dream gown, stop shopping—it will make you nuts if you keep looking at dresses, just look forward to showing everyone on the big day.