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Tips for Wedding: Duties of Bridal Party

 In the modern tradition, bridesmaids and groomsmen are ultimately there for support and companionship for the bride and groom throughout the journey of their wedding day. Hence, you need to choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen wisely because whoever you choose for your bridal parties is a very important decision. So, before you start asking anyone and everyone to be part of this special group, you first need to learn what’s their bridal parties’ responsibilities and make sure they can pick up these duties. 

Help in advice while needed on the Planning 

First and foremost, supporting the couple throughout the wedding planning for their big day! Wedding planning can be a heavy burden for the couple to get things started and here’s where the bridesmaids and groomsmen can show their interest in helping the couple to gather inspiration and ideas. The simplest things the bridal parties can do is to keep an eye on the wedding trend and tag her when they spot somethings the couple might like or happy to apply to their wedding. Bridal parties can also help the couple with various pre-wedding tasks such as designing and delivering invitations, brainstorming hashtag and be available for any last-minutes needs. The heavy responsibility tasks such as filtering vendors that suit the couple for most, crafting wedding decoration, propose wedding timeline and any weddings advice that need to be mindful will suggest to get help by engage a Wedding Planner. That’s where the group effort and collaboration always need where any planning is involved. Besides planning for their actual day wedding, the best man and maid of honor usually lead and in charge for their pre-wedding party but nevertheless the bridesmaid and groomsmen can give a hand to help to prepare such as engagement party and bachelor party. 

Emotionally Support 

The support from bridal parties not only for the wedding planning task as the stressfulness for the couple to plan their perfect wedding can be an extremely emotional. Support from the bridal parties may go without saying, as it’s always nice for the couple to know that their bridesmaid and groomsmen are always there to offer their love and best support for the couple during the months. 

The support from bridal parties is an ongoing process till the day of the wedding! The couple are filled with lots of nervous and excitement on their big day where the bridal parties need to comfort and calm the couple’s nerves. Bridesmaid shouldn’t hesitate to give the bride a big hug or squeeze on the shoulder and comfort her by telling her the wedding is going smoothly and she will be the most eye-catching person tonight! Groomsmen can have a last-minute pep talk with the groom and encourage him and remind him that he’s marrying the love of his life tonight! 

Picking out attire 

Picking out wedding dress for the bride is an excitement task for the bridesmaid as they are the first to witness the beauty their best friend on the wedding dress. This is because some of the couple want to have a first-look wedding during their actual day. Therefore, the bride/groom will need the help from their bridesmaid/groomsmen to give opinions on which attire they should wear to brighten the eyes of the other half at the first sight. 

The excitement for bridesmaid not only limited to picking out wedding dress for the bride and it also comes when shopping for bridesmaid dress. The bridal parties attire not only needs for the bridesmaid but it also needs for the groomsmen. It’s always nice to see the bridesmaid and groomsmen wearing matching gown/suit or same color but with a different designs/style. Although some of the couple will cover the cost of their wearing but it’s generally expected that each bridesmaid and groomsmen are to pays for their own. 

Attending rehearsal 

As part of the bridal parties that involved in all the planning process, it’s expected you to attend all the rehearsal events. During the wedding dinner, there might have event like bridal parties’ march in, performance, or to give a toast during the dinner. Therefore, it’s important for the bridal parties to make effort to the rehearsal to ensure the smooth running on the big day. 

Know your wedding day jobs 

It’s important that ahead of the wedding day itself, the bridesmaid/groomsmen know exactly what duties they are handling. Couple’s will have no time to ensure all their guests to be take care. As their bridal parties, you will likely be in the role of taking care of the registration, watch the room, keep an eye on the elderly and make sure everyone is having a good time. Additionally, the 

bridesmaids/groomsmen usually seated at special tables that near to the couple so that they can easily give support to the couple or helping with any crises that may arise during the wedding reception. 

Not to forget, there’s a wedding gate crashing or door games in Chinese wedding tradition. This is where the bridesmaids will plan the games and the groom and his groomsmen need to perform the tasks asked by the bridesmaids to test the groom’s determination to get his wife. No matter how humiliating or ridiculous the games could be, it’s groomsmen show time for their support to help the groom to crash the gate and get his wife! 

Fill the dance floor 

Last but not least, bridesmaids/groomsmen are usually the first who fill the life and soul of the after party and party all night long. Be those courageous people that are out on the dance floor when no one else wants to get out there. 

Now you know the duties and responsibility for bridesmaids/groomsmen and other member in the crew for the wedding party. Your wedding party crew is often considered to be quite important in your wedding planning process. They will likely dedicate a notable amount of time and possibly money to participate in your day, so it’s important to thank your bridesmaids/groomsmen for all their assistance throughout the process. Make sure to properly thank you for all of their hard works and to show your appreciation for their support and friendship.