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Creative Unity Ceremony Ideas for Weddings

The flow of a complete wedding can be quite standardized nowadays. However, every lovely couples would always like to have something special to spark up their wedding or to make it a wonderful discussing topic among their wedding guests. This special element can be on the wedding attire, theme of the wedding, the way of carrying out the wedding march in or you can consider to have special unity ceremony for your wedding too. Today, we are going to introduce you some special and meaningful unity ceremony ideas which you can plan it for your wedding.

First of all, it will be the alcohol mixing ceremony to be arranged during the ROM ceremony which couple will be taking Gin and Tonic each to be poured together into a nice flask after the vow. This alcohol mix pouring session is as a representation and celebration of both the bride and groom officially getting married to each other. It does not really have to be Gin and Tonic, you can create your own way of alcohol mixing for this special ceremony in your wedding too.

Alcohol Mixing

You can also consider to opt for sand pouring session instead of alcohol mixing session to be arranged during your ROM ceremony if you are not an alcohol fan. Sand pouring procedures are more or less the same as the alcohol mixing procedures, just that the alcohol is being replaced by coloured sand. So, couple will be pouring their individual flask of coloured sand together into the same empty flask and the sand combines into one to represent the joining of two different individuals into a new union and family which cannot be separated just like the sand could not be separated too after united. After this ceremony, couple can get to keep the bottle of mixed coloured sand as a memorable item of their wedding.

Sand Pouring

If you are looking for something artistic and creative, you can try out the idea of blend painting. Here is how it works, during the unity ceremony, two different colour of paints and a canvas are needed to be prepared. Couple will be each taking one colouring and together pour the colourings on the canvas prepared during the ceremony. This ceremony can be understood as two paints blend onto a blank canvas and bring colourful life events into a new marriage life together. This created piece can also be decorated at home after the wedding as a memorable item reminding of the wedding moment.

Blend Painting

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There is another romantic unity ceremony which is the couple releases balloons into the air after their vow. Besides, couple can also arrange to distribute small balloons to their wedding guests to release the balloons together with them while the couple will be releasing bigger size balloons to be stand out from the rest.

Balloon Releasing

Beside releasing balloons as a romantic unity ceremony, by releasing wish lanterns into the air also is another romantic idea to go for. Couple writes their wedding wishes on the paper lantern prepared, continues with lighting up the lantern and slowly releasing the paper lantern into the air, letting their wedding wishes or promises to pass into the universe as one. This unity ceremony of releasing wish lanterns if gather up your wedding guests to release their paper lanterns together with the wedding couple can build up a romantic and heartwarming atmosphere in the wedding, it can also create an amusing scenery in the wedding which leaves a memorable event to your wedding guests and also to the couple, especially when this is being held out during night time.

Paper Lantern

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There is another type of unity ceremony idea which you can consider of if you would like to have some future memorable activities to be planned ahead for your wedding anniversary. One of them will be creating anniversary capsule during your wedding day. This time-capsule unity ceremony will be an on-going event one after another starts from your wedding day as a witness through your lifetime commitments of marriage. During the ceremony, wedding couple will be writing promises or goals of marriage in a note and both seal the notes in a container which will be kept in a place where you can get to come back to unseal your time-capsule after some time.

Time Capsule

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Furthermore, tree planting as a unity ceremony is also considered as an event which you and your other half get to witness your marriage growth as the tree growing throughout the years of your marriage. Especially for those who are environmentalist, this will be a very good choice for tracking the growth of your marriage as well as taking care of the environment. Couple gets to plant a small tree together, adding soil into the pot of small tree as a symbolization of both of your union and like the tree your marriage and relationship together will be needing love and care to grow well.

Tree Planting

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Wine box unity ceremony is also a unique one to opt for, especially for wine lovers couple. Couple can arrange to opt for wine which can age well and together seal the wine into a box for keep sake. Once the box is sealed, the couple can only open the box on a specific date set together during the ceremony, such as 10-year wedding anniversary or even later and together tasting the wine which represents their marriage.

Wine Box

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Unity candle lighting is another idea for couple to opt for in wedding. Although it is one of the most common unity ceremonies performed, if it brings significance to the couple, then why not go for it, it is your wedding and that is what matters. During this ceremony, two smaller candles will be lit by both bride and groom’s mothers, then the smaller candles will be handed over to the bride and groom, so that they will be lighting up the one large candle using the two smaller candles passed to them. This ceremony represents the merging of two families to one big family.

Candle Lighting

Next, will be the ceremony of white dove releasing. This ceremony is suitable for outdoor weddings where the wedding couple can release a pair of white doves to fly up to the blue sky with white clouds. White doves represent the sign of eternity, peace and fidelity which makes the doves releasing ceremony in a wedding to be even more fitting as the biggest wish to the couple heading towards a blissful marriage. 


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Another unity ceremony idea inspired from Jewish wedding which is the breaking of a glass is also a special one to be considered. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the groom or even both the groom and the bride will be invited to step on a glass inside a cloth bag as to shatter it. This breaking glass action carries out multiple meanings. Some stated that it represents the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, when others also stated that it demonstrates that the marriage holds sorrow as well as joy and it is a representation of the commitment to stand by one another even in tough times.

Glass Breaking

Moreover, there are the religious ways in carrying out the unity ceremony in weddings, such as monk blessing and tali tying. Monk blessing and tali tying for the unity ceremony are the tradition in Buddhist and Hindu weddings. What makes them to be so special is that the ceremony is in a traditional and religious way which you will get to pass down the unique traditional cultures in the same time the tradition can be shared and witnessed by your relatives and friends who might not be the same religion as you. Besides, by arranging to carry out this type of unity ceremony in the wedding, the bride and groom will be needed to dress in traditional wedding garments and also accessories for the unity ceremony procedures. This is also another catchy point which will help in brightening up your entire wedding as unique traditional wedding garments and accessories can amaze your wedding guests especially those who are in different religions, they can get to enjoy and appreciate other religions’ specialties and cultures.

Monk Blessing
Tali Tying

There are actually a ton lot more of unity ceremony ideas to be discovered or even to be created out by your own. So, for couples who have no ideas on how to arrange a simple and nice unity ceremony for your wedding, you can go through and consider again on the suggestions above and try to add on something meaningful for you and your other half into the unity ceremony idea which you opt for, that will definitely be the special and memorable one in your life.