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Tips for Writing a Wedding Vows

Marriage vows are the promises that two peoples make to each other during a wedding ceremony. It’s basically declaring your lifelong commitment to your spouse, witnessed by your love one. Vows can be romantic and emotional, of course, it can also be humorous! It is all depends on your style and the structure of your ceremony. You can write your own vows and speak to the other half on your wedding day. Here are some outline and tips on starting to write your own wedding vows.

You can first to start with telling who is this amazing person standing in front of you. Whether they are your best friend, partner in crime, the love of your life, or your own special nickname. Then, you can continue with using a story to share about your love life, what you adore about your partner. You can create a list, jot down everything of your love and highlight the favorite items on the list to share to your loved one. If you wish to add a little laughter on your ceremony, you can add humor to your wedding vows, but not auditioning for your own sitcom. For example, if both of you loves to watch movie series, you can vow to your partner “I promise not to continue watching next episode without you, or at least I’ll pretend it’s the first time I’ve watched it when we watch it again.” Remember not to add a very special inside jokes that will confuse your guest, plus it’s special because its just between two of you.

Vows aren’t just cute anecdotes. Life together won’t always be easy and breezy, which all couples inevitable face. Therefore, you should make a solid promise as in many traditional wedding vows “for better or for worse, in sickness or in health”. It is a promises and serious commitment that you should be sure to attest to that in your vows to reassure your lifetime partner that you will stick together for the rest of your life from today onwards even when times get rough. Aside facing the rough time, you can also mention a few of the things with a look towards the future. Think about your goals, aspiration and future. What kind of home do you want to build with your partner, how do you want to raise your family? Paint an image for your partner of the life that you can’t wait to build with them.  

Ending your vows with one last promise, the promise of forever, for eternity, for unconditionally loving and until the death do us apart. Last but not least, saying “I Love You” to your partner. It is always nice to hear and emphasize this important three-word phrase from the vows.

Make List

Make a list when you brainstorming for your wedding vows. Take a trip down the memory lane and see what really stands out in this relationship. Jotting down everything that comes to your mind before putting it into a complete sentence.

Avoid anything too personal or embarrassing

It is understandable that you want to include everything that you’re feeling, but in reality, you can’t just include it all. As mentioned in the outline, limit the inside jokes and stay between you two.

Make a fresh copy of your vows for the ceremony

It is crucial to think about the public view of the vows during the ceremony. It’s impossible to bring your draft paper on stage, therefore, rewrite or reprint a fresh copy that take aesthetic into consideration.

Talk to your partner / Keep the vows a secret until the ceremony

You can choose to keep the final product a secret and surprise for your partner on your wedding day or you can either unanimously agreed with your partner on a certain style, format or tone for your vows. Some couples will decide to share their vows with each other before the wedding day. So, it is up to the two of you get to decide what you prefer!

Start Early

Never wait until last minute to write your vows! Start drafting your vows at least one month prior to your wedding. This will give you enough time to write without feeling rushed and will allow you to have enough time to complete others of your wedding-related task. You should start writing your vows when you finish reading this!