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Filmmaking of Meet The Pro Video Series

Meet The Pro video series is all about helping engaged couples make the best decisions for their wedding. It was inspiring by the Founder of MYWP- Patricia and Principal Planner- Lane. They are experience in wedding planning and day management and have the enthusiasm to share their experience.

1_July Blog_Meet The Pro Video

In the 2020, we decide to release videos that educate brides and grooms on wedding planning and wedding day coordination. Most couple do not realize that the decisions they make during the planning process will affect much for their wedding. It is always difficult to start your wedding planning if you do not time to research well. This will cause you to have many hidden costs, time spend to negotiate or communicate or have to re-book the services for your wedding.

10 steps to plan your wedding
10 steps to plan your wedding
Wedding budget saving tips
Wedding budget saving tips

We create content that shares what works best for couples and also tips to avoid the conflict or stress in the planning process. We brainstorming the content from what couple usually ask and what our vendors feedback to us. After 2 months preparation, we start shooting and editing Meet The Pro. That is blessed that we could release the video even we face many challenges in between.  

4_July Blog_Meet The Pro Video
5_July Blog_Meet The Pro Video

While shooting, we always faced the lighting not sufficient and different color tone for raw footage, after consult from our videographer and photographer vendors. We knew that there is different camera setting for natural light used and have to keep checking the shutter speed and ISO setting to ensure the color tone is same. It is blessed that we found this problem early and only reshoot for some footage.

Another biggest problem we faced is the poor quality of sound, normally video recorded in-house will have loud echo and built-in microphones on video cameras are not designed to record high quality audio. After research, we invested good quality microphone after record for preview and learn the sound adjust from online.

Another issue is laptop getting crashes or too slow while editing. There is editing software specifications for video editing of heavy files. To fix this issue, my team have get advices from IT technician to update the OS, devise drivers, and pre-set the setting for editing software. Off the WIFI while editing videos also help to solve this issues. It take time to figure out the best setting of editing software online, but it is worth to do it cause it really save the time to just waiting laptop for loading.


6_July Blog_Meet The Pro Video

It is always rush and stress for the video production due to the strict timeline, content checking and production issues. Fortunately, it is great to work with team together to develop the video content, work out the production and solve the challenge together. There are many things to learn, but it is good that we can learn together, growth together and bring the values to audience.


7_July Blog_Meet The Pro Video
9_July Blog_Meet The Pro Video
8_July Blog_Meet The Pro Video
10_July Blog_Meet The Pro Video

By sharing the knowledge, we hope is that we can help the way couple think about wedding. Because we truly believe, big change starts small. We hope that you can share the videos to your family or friends that is bride-to-be to let them equip themselves and enjoy their wedding!


11_July Blog_Meet The Pro Video
12_July Blog_Meet The Pro Video

There are also lovely vendors that always support us to be our special guest to share their knowledge and tips.

Thank you so much for the supporting us all along the way!