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Ideas on Gate Crashing Game for Chinese Wedding

In Chinese culture, Jip San Leong (JSL) games, aka the gate crashing games have long been a traditional wedding ritual, typically enacted upon the groom’s arrival. These games are often playful challenges or tasks that the groom and his groomsmen must complete before being allowed to enter the bride’s home to fetch her for the wedding ceremony. They’re meant to demonstrate the groom’s sincerity, determination, and sometimes even his ability to provide for the bride. Each task is symbolic and can vary depending on regional and family traditions.

However, we advise planning the challenges adequately. Unpleasant games which cause embarrassing situations during these events will cause considerable discomfort, making people hesitant to participate. For example, leave stains on their faces and hard to wash away, playing awful games with obscene movement or games that could cause injuries and sickness. 

Nevertheless, here is the lively, festive atmosphere and tasteful traditional wedding games for you to consider:

1. Mismatched breakfast

Prepare the groom and his groomsmen an edible and interesting food as a starter. Then, ask them to finish the food but prepare an unlikely utensil to do it. For example, eating a whole orange with a chopstick or soup with a bread knife. Or you can ask them to pick a utensil at the beginning of the game without telling them the purpose of their choice.

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2. Memory Game

This game pits the groom’s memory and recall against the brides as she cherry-picks milestones in their relationship. The groom is required to remember their chronological order and scatter them on a table. Small penalties can be made when he gets wrong.

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3. Guess the Bride

This game tests the groom’s ability to identify the bride. Within various facial features, locate the bride’s features and correctly match them. Arrange small penalties for every time he gets something wrong.

4. Lucky dice

This game involves two large dice with different actions written on each side. The groom and groomsmen must roll the dice and perform the actions indicated simultaneously. They then have 10 seconds to pose for a picture. 

5. Prop Dance

The groom and groomsmen are required to dance with props. For example, wearing a colored explosion head wig to dance for one minute. To make this game more interesting, a lottery selection can be arranged where they draw various props and songs prepared for the dance.

6. Guessing Fun

The bridesmaids display questions about the bride on cardboard, and the groom must accurately identify the answer to the questions shown on the cardboard, which may include the bride’s height, favourite color, shoe size, etc. Incorrect answers result in penalties but providing an ‘Ang Pau’ earns a hint.

7. Frozen Key

Placing the correct key to unlock the door and various other keys into ice water, the groomsmen are tasked with barefooted searching for the sole correct key amidst the chilling water.

8. Crossing the Red Line

A red line is set to block the door, and the groom must stoop down to pass under it. Additionally, the groom is required to wear the sumo costume provided by the bridesmaid while crossing the red line to enter the room. If the height is too challenging, the groom may give ‘Ang Pau’ to each bridesmaid to increase the height.

9. Shake It Off

The groom and his groomsmen get ready to wear a box and shake out all the balls in record times. For each ball left in the box, they will be punished by giving an ‘Ang Pau’ to the bridesmaids. It could be both entertaining and challenging.

10. Push Ups on Screaming Duck

The groom and his groomsmen will have to perform push-ups on inflated rubber ducks, adding a humorous touch to the occasion with the amusing sounds coming from the ducks. The game concludes when everyone finishes the designated number of push ups.

11. Pick Your Drinks

The groom and his groomsmen will have to take turns and blow the ball into the cup to determine which drinks they need to consume. The drinks can include both good ones, such as Coca-Cola and orange juice, and less pleasant options, like coriander juice or extremely sour lemon juice. The game will conclude once they have finished all the drinks.

12. Love Toast Challenge

The groom and his groomsmen will have to bite the white toast to form the letters L.O.V.E. and XXX (bride’s name) shape. This game provides an opportunity for creative expression and allows the groomsmen to recharge their physical energy during the ceremony.

13. Ring Toss

In the spirit of fun and camaraderie, the groom and his groomsmen embark on a unique challenge: throwing rings over stakes or even substituting them with Coca-Cola cans! Each stake or can symbolizes a distinct task awaiting the groomsmen’s mastery. It’s a delightful twist on tradition, adding a touch of excitement and anticipation to the wedding festivities. So, grab your rings and let the games begin!

14. Declaration of Love

Last but not least, the groom is tasked with crafting a declaration or letter for his bride within a limited timeframe. He must then read it aloud in front of the door to welcome the bride.

Plan a Jip San Leong games thoughtfully with your bridesmaids to ensure they’re enjoyable and respectful for everyone involved. Games should aim to bring laughter and joy. Choosing challenges that are light-hearted, culturally appropriate, and inclusive of all guests can enhance the overall wedding experience and create lasting memories for the couple and their families.